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Soni Razdan talks about an attempted rape on her during the shooting of a film: #MeToo

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Like many other actors have stepped up to talk about their heart-wrenching stories about sexual misconduct, Soni Razdan also spoke about her sexual harassment story recently. She added that someone tried to rape her but did not disclose the name of the person.

Soni mentioned that while shooting for a film during her younger days, someone tried to rape her. She decided to keep this person anonymous while talking about her disturbing experience to The Quint. Soni told that she never had to experience such a thing while looking or work, but such a thing happened while she was working. She disclosed that “someone tried to rape” her, but luckily “they didn’t succeed”.

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She further explained her reason of not mentioning the person who actually tried to molest her. She said that the person in fact was married and had small kids who could be affected by her story. She also told that she let it pass as the situation was under her control and she didn’t let anything happen to herself at that moment.
She said, “You know the only reason I never said anything at that time and it sounds really odd maybe but I realized if I would have opened my mouth that person would have gone through a lot of problems. He had a family, small children. And at that time I said, ok, nothing really happened, I managed to control it but obviously I never spoke to that person again. I did not talk about it because of any shame or anything like that. I felt that I would be hurting his family, whom I knew.”

When she was asked about her views on Alok Nath, she told that she was already aware of his hyde and Jekyll personality. She said, “I have seen him behave very very, I would say lecherously after he has been drunk.” While he never did anything to her, yet she never appreciated the way he used to look at her.

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