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Shyani Gupta opens up about #MeToo

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On Friday, Shyani Gupta said that men should sit at home if they do not know how to behave around women. The actress also urged women to be careful enough not to expose themselves to the unsafe environments. She spoke at the world premiere of Shame at the 20th MAMI Mumbai Film Festival with Star about this in great detail.

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Shyani lauded the women who stepped forward to share their harrassment stories with the world. She said, “I am so proud and I couldn’t have been prouder and happier. I am so grateful to these women who have been so courageous to have shared their experiences. To first face these things themselves and then talk about them in front of the world, it’s so inspiring. This should have happened 15-20 years ago. This has been happening for generations now. It just takes one person to talk about it. I am so grateful to Tanushree for starting it out.”

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