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Shilpa Shinde asks fan-clubs to stop spreading hatred against Hina Khan

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Who doesn’t remember the rivalry of Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan in the eleventh season of Big Boss? Even though we’re still not over it, Shilpa Shinde decides to surprise us by tweeting in favor of Hina Khan. She reached out to her fan club to put an end to the negative content regarding Hina Khan.

But definitely, they can’t be misunderstood to be friends. On being asked if the two were friends, Shilpa said, “Not really. I had liked a video made by a fan which was a compilation of shots of Hina Khan from the reality show. It was funny. Hina’s fans got upset that I liked the video so I tweeted that they shouldn’t react so much. I don’t have any problem with Hina nor is she my competition. Our reality show is over, so what is the point of dragging things from the past and having our so-called fans fight over it? These fans point out stuff to us about who said what and who reacted how. I have asked all the fans — mine and Hina’s — to enjoy life and chill. Our industry is small and we might end up working together. Life is too short, so forgive, forget and move on.”

The Big Boss 11 winner is currently busy with a cricket-based live comedy show ’Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan’ with Sunil Grover. “It has been fun doing a live show. One has to be on their toes while shooting for a live show, and I am happy to be doing something so different. Sunil is a sweetheart. He is so hard working, down-to-earth and extremely talented. He does not interfere with my work at all, even though I have never done stand-up comedy before. I have learned a lot of things by working with him. I had missed out on a chance to work with Kapil Sharma’s team while they were doing The Kapil Sharma Show but perhaps I was destined to work with a part of the team,” Shilpa signed off.

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