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Salman's father, Salim Khan reacts to Priyanka Chopra quitting 'Bharat'

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It has been felt that the entire team of ’Bharat’ is disappointed with Priyanka for leaving the project in between. Even though she had to leave the movie because of her wedding plans, it doesn’t mean that the team of ’Bharat’ wasn’t let down by her decision. Nikhil Namit, the CEO of Atul Agnihotri’s Reel life productions; expressed discontent at Priyanka’s decision to step out of the film. He said, "Priyanka told us she had to exit due to her engagement, two days ago. It was a little unprofessional of her to do it so suddenly,"

While Salman Khan and the producers called Priyanka “unprofessional” for quitting, Salim Khan went ahead to say, “It’s okay for her to step down”. He also said that there were no hard feelings for Priyanka as it is common in Bollywood for stars to walk out of the projects. "It’s okay whatever happened. Priyanka is not doing Bharat, let her be. Such things happen in our industry. Has it happened for the first time that someone has left a film? Our very own Zanjeer went through so many ins and outs," he told SpotboyE.

He added, "Such things happen- sometimes they happen for date issues, or the role, or even the money aspect. Aur kabhi aadmi ki kuch apni majbooriyan hoti hai (and sometimes people have their own problems). I haven’t yet got into the details of why Priyanka left Bharat, but we shall soon cast someone else. We are not upset with Priyanka. Salman Khan is also not upset,"
Katrina Kaif or Jacqueline Fernandez may be roped in for the role of the heroine of ’Bharat’ according to the latest buzz.

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