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Ranveer Singh's speech is setting up a high barrier for men

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Without any doubt, one of the most sought-after couples in Bollywood is that of Ranveer and Deepika.

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For around two weeks, their fans were kept in raptures for the pictures of their wedding ceremonies by them. Later they shared and released various photos and videos of the wedding celebrations at Lake Como in Italy and their reception in Bengaluru. Ranveer’s sister Ritika even threw a grand party for them when they returned to Mumbai from Bengaluru. We can even see the couple dancing happily on both Hindi and English songs in the video posted on the Internet.
However, there is this one video in particular where Ranveer is standing with the loveof his life expressing how much he loves her. He declared his love for his wife and exclaimed that he married the most beautiful woman in the world. The actor even thanked Deepika for letting him wear a dress similar to the kind Mexican artist Frida Kahlo often wore. He also told her that they are going to have an ’epic future together.’

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“ladies and gentlemen I married the most beaut

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