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Ranu Mondal trolled for forgetting the lyrics of her Mentor song

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Ever since Ranu Mondal has become a singing sensation overnight, she is often in the headlines for getting slammed by people. It seems like she is always in the news for the wrong reasons. Earlier, she was trolled for her fake make up the picture and, this time she is facing the backlash for forgetting the lyrics of her mentor Himesh Reshammiya’s song, Teri Meri.

It is a recent incident when Ranu had gone to an event and, she was requested to sing a song. Though Ranu immediately agreed and chose Himesh’s Teri Meri she took a long pause, kept the audience waiting and suddenly said, ‘Oh I Forgot’.

The video of the event hosted by journalist Barkha Dutt has gone viral where Ranu Mondal can clearly be spotted saying that she forgot the lyrics.

All the limelight was on her, but this reaction disappointed many especially because it was her first song and, Himesh is the person who made her a star today.

Immediately after seeing this, people started making fun of Ranu, many also appreciated her for being honest, but others made memes and jokes about it. Ranu was discovered on the platforms of a railway station in Kolkata singing Lata Mangeshkar’s hit song Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai. Soon after the video became viral, music director Himesh Reshammiya launched her as a playback singer in Bollywood.

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