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Prakash Padukone opens up about Deepika's first love

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Needless to say, Padukone family is one of the most illustrious families we have seen. With Prakash Padukone as an ace badminton player, his elder daughter as an international star, and his other daughter Anisha showing the potential to go big, the family has to be a mixture of wonders.

In an exclusive interview, Prakash expressed his pride for his daughter. When he was asked whether he minds being called as ’Deepika’s father’?, he answered saying, “Not at all. It’s a moment of pride for any parent when their child has achieved so much.”

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to the kindest,purest,most gentle soul I’ve ever known....Happy Birthday Pappa!??

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However, when Deepika was asked the same question about her minding it when she was referred to as ’Prakash Padukone’s daughter’, she said, “That’s how it should be.”
Prakash disclosed that he never pressurized Deepika to be active in sports more than she ever wanted to be. He said, “From my experience, I can say that my father let me choose a career like a badminton, where there was no money. My wife and I decided to let our daughters pursue whatever they wanted.” Deepika added, “There was never any pressure to play badminton. I liked and enjoyed it as a hobby, but I don’t think I put enough effort into it.”

He also mentioned that Deepika always had a special talent and interest in modeling. He said, “It’s important for parents to realize that there’s a difference between liking and being passionate about something. She liked badminton, but her first love was modeling.”

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