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Pakistan Has Revised Its Restriction on Bollywood Releases Post Eid!

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The two week restriction imposed by the Pakistan has finally been revised by its Government. The restrictions have been reduced to one week on the special occasion of Eid. Such a decision may avert a clash between the films, Ranbir Kapoor’s ’Sanju’ and Salman khan’s ’Race 3’ at Pakistan’s Box Office.
The Chairman of Central Board of Film Censors, Danyal Gilani commented, “Keeping in view the importance of local film industry and exhibition facilities, the government has decided that screening of Indian movies shall be restricted for a period of one week in total, starting from Eid day on both Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha.”
Because of the announcement of two week restriction, it was likely that both of the big ticket films, ’Sanju’ and ’Race 3’ would have collided on June 29. However now it is possible for ’Race 3’ to be released a week sooner.
They have to make sure that there are no further delays in releases as it may seriously affect the film business. Sulaiman S. Lalani, Executive Director of a Pakistani Network said, “Delayed release, irrespective of the reason or regulation, undermines full potential of a film and compromises feasibility for distributor and producer. There’s an extreme need that Pakistani exhibition space grows manifold, potential of which exists. Pakistan can easily absorb 500-1000 cinema screens, while current numbers stand around 150.”
Pakistan has been expected to be busy for four to five weeks with its home-grown movies, especially during Eid.
On Wednesday, State Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb in Islamabad unveiled that it is a celebratory moment for the local film industry. It is due to the fact that the Pakistan Government has been making concerted efforts towards building the Pakistan’s Film and Broadcasting Policy 2018.

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