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Nithya Menen opens up about #MeToo

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The actress who came into the industry through a cameo in Vijay Deverakonda’s Geetha Govindam opened up about an important movement in India. She also talked about the reason she didn’t join Women in Cinema Collective. In an interview, the actress diclosed a new tactic to tackle the #MeToo situations.
She stated that she understands the trauma a survivor would have gone through. She said, “I do everything possible to counter it. Just because I am not doing it one way, doesn’t mean that I am not countering those things or I am not against it. I am, but I have a different approach.

"I believe that my way is only through my work. The way that I work and the kind of things that I do, the way that I approach people when I am working all of this gives a strong message to people that I am working with, and to people who are watching my films. I have the same view as everybody else, but I prefer doing it my way. I don’t think that somebody is doing anything wrong or I don’t want to be a part of it. I am very much part of it. It’s just that I have a different way of countering the whole thing.”

The actress is to soon star in Mission Mangal, Kathanayakudu and Jayalalithaa’s biopic helmed by Priyadarshini. She talked about her role in the film Jayalalithaa’s biopic. To be precise she said, “The film on Jayalalithaa is very heavy. I was very impressed when the film’s director Priyadarshini came with the film to me. She was so focussed. I told her that if we are doing a biopic, we should ensure complete justice to the character. She was going in the right direction and was extremely confident. I am really looking forward to do that film. That will be interesting to explore as an artist.”

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