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Nawazuddin Siddiqui talks about the moral policing done on art in India

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Nawazuddin Siddiqui can undoubtedly mold himself into any given character. His choice of films is quite unconventional and even if it’s just a supporting role, he makes us feel his presence strongly with his characters. In an interview with Mid Day, the actor opened up about his memoir.

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I pick up a pen when my sensibility is hurt...

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On being asked if he felt bad when his memoir was taken down, Nawaz said that he was hurt as he was judged for speaking the truth and being honest. He said that from the 209 pages in the book, he was judged for those 5 pages which mentioned his relationships. However, the ’Freaky Ali’ actor said that it was wrong from his side to take names without thinking about how it would affect the other people. But he felt bad that no one cared about his struggle and journey and no one took a stand for him. The actor said that if he ever wrote again, he won’t write the truth in the book.

When asked if he thought that art in India was compromised because of such incessant moral policing, the actor stated, "Hmare yahan sach ko support nahi milta, toh uska dum ghutt raha hai. There is no finesse in our art because we don’t give it leeway. In Europe, a filmmaker takes 8-10 years to make a film and when the movie is ready, it’s a masterpiece. People finance films easily here and some become a hit; but are we really putting our heart into it or scrounging for quick bucks? People are thriving on mediocrity. Yes, we are better than we were a few decades earlier. I don’t have the pressure to bring the audience to the theatre for Manto. I did it to satisfy my greed as an actor. I don’t seek satisfaction in reviews or box office; for me, it’s discovering myself. Manto feels like an achievement."

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