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My audience keeps me motivated: Manoj Bajpayee

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Manoj Bajpayee has seen his shares of highs and lows in Bollywood. The initial rejections that he got helped him become more practical and motivated him to try harder in his life. No doubt that he felt dejected at times, yet he found hope when the audience flocked to the theatres to watch his next film. The particular set of audience that understands the nature of his work and appreciates it. “The thing that keeps me motivated is the audience which likes my work. I know if my film is in the theatre, the audience I have will not decrease. I am not scared of losing the viewers I have earned. The aim is to increase the number.” 

“The future can’t be worse than this. It is getting better and better. It is just that I need more people who are as stubborn as me,” Bajpayee says.

To connect to his audience and maintain his fan base, he tries his best to add a “personal touch” to his characters. “I feel my audience enjoy watching me on screen because they can relate to me. They can see a personal side of me in the character. I get a lot of me on the screen. I derive a lot of elements which are hidden in me. I try to be truthful to myself and to my audience. To look at that, one needs to be brave,” he says.

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