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Maniesh Paul shares his experience of acting in a short film

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Maniesh Paul has definitely earned his place amongst the best show hosts in today’s industry. He decided to take his talent to a whole new level by working in a short film ’Black Briefcase’, produced by his brother, Vikram Paul. The actor played the role of a terrorist in the film.

Manish’s reason behind doing the film was that he wanted to do something that would appeal to the artist in him. Maniesh said, “People should stop slotting actors as a comedian, action star or a romantic hero, an actor is an actor and he/she can do everything. I think I am actor, an entertainer and I want to do films that excite me.”

Playing a dark role in the film, Paul said it becomes difficult for an actor to break from an image. “As an actor I want to do different stuff. People know I host shows. I do a lot of comedy and the films that I have done have been in comic (space) so I wanted to offer something new to them,” he added.

He also said, “It is not that I was running away from comedy. It becomes difficult to break an image but I don’t focus on things. I look at what I want to come out with different films. I don’t want to do films just because it is coming from a good banner or has stars in it. I want to do a film in which I have something to do as an actor.”

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