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Krushna Abhishek hopes to reconcile with Govinda

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Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja have recently severed ties with Krushna and his wife Kashmera Shah. Krushna acknowledged the fact that his wife was at fault. "What Kashmera wrote on Twitter (the tweet now appears to be deleted) irked Sunita mami, but the fact is that Kashmera wrote it for my sister, not mami... She could have avoided it. Kashmera is at major fault here and she should apologise to mami, as my mami has been taking care of the whole family," he said.


Aa Gaya hero coming soon. ????. Excited to watch my mama. Fingers crossed ????

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Krushna has been trying to get ahold of Govinda to make amends. "I have been unable to catch hold of him. He went to London after the incident and then he got busy with a film shoot. I seriously want to reconcile with him. I don’t mind if my mami gives 5-6 gaalis, it’s her right to do so... I understand that she might be feeling more hurt." he told SpotboyE. "Mama can slap me twice or abuse me. I am ok with that. Whatever he says I will listen to, quietly. And I think things will get resolved after that." he added.
Sunita and Govinda weren’t even present at the birthday bash thrown by Krushna and Kashmera for their kids. Surprisingly, they weren’t even invited. "I have not seen his kids till date because of their parents’ misbehaviour. We have broken all ties with Krushna and Kashmera, and I swear I won’t initiate a patch-up this time around. I was a fool to do so two years ago. Govinda was right about them. It was my mistake that I thought that we should give them another chance," she had said.

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