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Kriti Kharbanda talks about the pressure for her upcoming film 'Housefull 4'

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Actress Kriti Kharbanda feels that the pressure of success and audience expectations are great for her forthcoming film ’Housefull 4’. The last three parts of the ’Housefull’ series have been immensely successful.

Kriti interacted with the media at the launch of ’Bodycraft Spa and Salon’ on Wednesday. When asked whether she was feeling the pressure of being a part of the film, Kriti said: “I think the pressure is on the producers and not on me as an actor.”
She was quoted as saying, “I also think it is a great thing for the film because ‘Housefull’ as a franchise has set a benchmark where we already have a good fan following for the film. Having said that, the producers and director is making sure that if the first three parts of the franchise have been superhit, then the fourth part should go beyond that in terms of success.”

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