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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 actress Erica Fernandes is not up for resuming shooting during the ease of coronavirus lockdown

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 actress Erica Fernandes is not up for resuming shooting during the ease of coronavirus lockdown

In an interview Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 actress Erica Fernandes expressed her opinion regarding unlock 1.0 and said that given the aggressive nature and the grave situation COVID-19 is presenting she is not in favour of resuming work at the moment.

The Government of Maharashtra has allowed resuming of shooting for movies, TV shows and web series. After providing 16 page long safety directives of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) the decision has been taken. However the IMPPA has written a letter saying that shooting the projects as well as keeping their story and quality intact would not be possible if the directives are to be followed.

Erica Fernandes does not supports resuming work during the coronavirus pandemic

The actress who plays the iconic role of Prerna in the show recently interviewed for Pinkvilla where she mentioned, "It's not a simple question of yes or no. There is a lot to it. People have been out of work for a very long time. Some do not have the luxury of making a choice if they should get back to work or not. But, if you personally ask me, I am not up for it, not now at least, maybe a little later yes, and this is due to multiple reasons."

The actress mentioned that the lockdown is just starting to ease and there are hai tonsils that the number of cases will rise and a spike in the graph will be seen.
the government has already mentioned that Unlock 1.0 has been introduced for the purpose of reviving the economy so that the poor and the migrant workers are able to survive and meet their daily needs.

She added, "Secondly, because we are entering the monsoon season where so many offers generally fall ill due to the change in weather. There are symptoms of normal flu or dengue, malaria are very similar to the virus. This will create chaos and panic."

Erica Fernandes is not up for resuming work anytime soon

What Erica says is right to some extent, the lockdown may have been eased and Unlock 1.0 has given people some relief but this does not mean that we can go back to normal functioning as it will only end up increasing the number of cases each day. Right now we can see that each day over 9000 cases are being found across the country and the death toll is increasing gradually. If we start stepping out of our homes and work like everything is going back to normal the situation does not appear to be very positive.
Therefore, it is of essential importance that we take precautionary measures and try to get on with life with some changes. Limiting or interaction with other people and wearing masks while also avoiding unnecessarily stepping out of home can be some very important measures we can take as an individual level.

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