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Karishma Tanna on her role in Sanju

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Since the teaser of Sanju has been released, there has been a constant buzz around the movie. Even though all the characters in the movie are being brought into limelight, Karishma Tanna’s character has been kept under wraps. Upon asking her about her role, she said “All I can say is that it’s a very important role but I really can’t talk about it,”.

Karishma has been missing from the teasers and trailers and hasn’t been sighted at any promotional events either. Talking about whether she was upset regarding this, she said “Not at all. From the time I met Raju sir, I knew what I was signing for and how my character will get promoted. So there’s no reasons for getting upset or feeling bad.” She also added, “Raju sir had made it clear to me that my role would create a lot of speculation and I am actually enjoying all the buzz and curiousity. This is exactly what we had anticipated.”

She is believed to be playing the role of Madhuri Dixit. Upon talking about this, she quipped “Madhuri ma’am is a great star and I would love to do her biopic. It’s magical to see her perform, especially when she dances. I also have the same passion towards dance and I think it would be a dream come true moment for me.”

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