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Karishma Sharma talks about her earlier aspiration of being a singer

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Karishma Sharma who is to be seen in ALTBalaji’s upcoming web series Hum, talks about her initial plans of being a singer. Talking about her love for singing, she said “I still love singing because I used to sing in competition. I did classical singing for three years. I tried but then acting happened and honestly it happened before I could give a chance to singing. And whatever happens it happens for the best because now I have come to a point in life where I could give singing a try. Maybe in future make my own music video and lend my voice to it. I am planning to do that and then there’s nothing like it. That would be like my dream come true.” 

Commenting on whether she would be nervous or confident while singing, she said “I don’t think I’ll be nervous or overly confident. I am not a trained or a classical singer but singing is something which comes very naturally to me. I’m little shy about it because I don’t do it often but it’s like you know when you keep singing, jamming with your friends over a guitar session. And I have just learned to play piano. And it is more like a hobby something that you makes you feel relax from your hectic schedule because as an actor you are doing a lot of things like crying and laughing then anger and anxiety. So I think music is one thing that takes me back to which I am. So music and singing is my stress buster thing.”

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