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Kareena rejected Saif's proposal twice

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Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s love story definitely stands to be a fairytale romance. They started dating towards the end of 2007 when Kareena’s relationship with Shahid Kapoor started to dwindle. According to a report, Saif fell hard for Kareena on the sets of Tashan (2008). The duo dated for 5 years and got hitched on 16th October 2012.

However, Kareena revealed on a TV show that initially, she had rejected Saif’s marriage proposal twice. The first proposal happened at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. She said, "He actually proposed to me a couple of months after we met only in Paris. In fact, his father (Indian cricketing legend Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi aka Tiger Pataudi) proposed to his mother (veteran actress Sharmila Tagore) also in Paris when she was shooting a film ’An Evening in Paris’. And we were on a holiday in Paris as well and I was just like ’Yeah, of course’.”

She added, "I think it was at the bar and then I think I said no and then there was one more time, in the same trip, and then we were at the Notre Dame Church. I was just like let’s not talk about it. Because I was into my career and I was like ’let me think about it’ and obviously two days later I was like ’Yeah’." On being asked if Saif got down on one knee to propose, Kareena replied, "No, that’s just the image that he has, but he’s far from that."

Their marriage festivities were spread over a week. A formal registration took place at Saif’s residence. It was believed that the couple would go for a nikah. However, they exchanged vows at the Taj Mahal hotel, without any ’saat pheras’.

The couple was blessed with Taimur, an adorable baby boy on 20th December 2016. In today’s date, Taimur has captured the entire Indian audience with his adorable looks and social media platforms have been flooded with his photos and videos.

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