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Karan Johar talks about Alia's performance in 'Kalank'

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Filmmaker Karan Johar recently became a part of the third season of ’No Filter Neha’ for an episode. He opened up about Alia Bhatt’s performance in the ’Kalank’.

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Big sister love!!!! @aliaabhatt and Yash!!!!???????? #happyrakshabandhan

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Kran remarked that Alia had done a wonderful job in the movie and he got emotional after seeing her performance. His statement said, "I saw something that Alia had done in ’Kalank’ and I was just so moved by the work she had done.”
“I won’t disclose what it is (but) she has done something in the film. You know when I see Alia I get that feeling like I’m seeing my daughter perform. And because I have that emotion for her I just started crying in the end for some weird reason," Karan added.
He further said, ’’I’m going through something internally which I’m not aware of and I just got very teary. And I rang her up and said her I got very emotional, well done."

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#KALANK- battlescars. ???? ???? ???? ????? ??? ??????? #therealdeal.

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