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Kangana Ranaut took hormone tablets for 'Thalaivi'

Kangana Ranaut took hormone tablets for 'Thalaivi'

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Ever since the first poster of Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming film ‘Thalaivi’ has released, fans can’t get over the tremendous transformation that she has undergone for her character. The versatile actor is playing the role of late CM, Jayalalithaa, getting into her character is not that easy, so, Kangana has put in hard work to make sure she absolutely looks like her.

The Queen, the actress is known for always going beyond expectations to get deep into the character she gets and, this time again she went extra miles for this biopic. To get the chubby and clear skin like Jayalalithaa, Kangana had to gain weight and thus, she took doses of hormone pills to look different and also ate foods that helped her in gaining.

Kangana also revealed that the struggle to look like the famous actor turned politician was not that easy, she also took help from Jason Collins, who had worked on the prosthetics to make her face look fuller. Apart from this, different kinds of pads were used for different parts of the body to get the final look apt.

Directed by Vijay, ’Thalavi’ will be released in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. It is scheduled to hit the theatres on 26th June next year.

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