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Kangana Ranaut talks about Sonu Sood's exit from 'Manikarnika'

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Bollywood conflicts are a common phenomenon which mostly involves playing the blame game and condemnation to prove one’s stand true. Such differences act as a fodder for gossip columns. Sonu Sood’s exit from Manikarnika has created a buzz in the media.

Recently, Kangana Ranaut slammed the reports claiming the actress had a showdown with Sonu resulting him to exit from the film. She said, "When I never met him, never directed him, when did I have this showdown?"

She told the leading daily, "Sonu and I haven’t even met since the last shot with Krish (director) last year. He is busy filming Simmba. He couldn’t even give us tentative dates to match combinations with other actors. The producers showed him the film and writers narrated the patchwork to him. He refused to meet me. He vehemently denied to work under a woman director, which is kind of amusing because Sonu is a dear friend and I have even launched the music of a film that he produced at his request. Even though the team suggested that they have full faith in me, it seems, Sonu had neither dates nor faith."

"And when I last spoke to him, he suggested that I can go ahead with someone else and when I narrated the script to Zeeshan Ayyub, he called the studio and gave the dates. By that time, it was too late as Zeeshan gave me dates for September. Now I hear I had a showdown with him. When I never met him, never directed him, when did I have this showdown?" the actress added.

Kangana also revealed that Sonu Sood wanted to incorporate fight scenes in the film but the writers discarded the same as it was not a part of the script.

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