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6 Tips to handle your groceries right during Coronavirus Lockdown

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You are at home for weeks at length and crave your favorite dish. Not only essentials but items for satisfying the taste buds are also needed during the lockdown. The government has made necessities available to all, so you might be visiting grocery stores or buying from a vendor. One should buy at least a week’s grocery together so that you do not have to walk out every now and then. In all cases some safety tips must be taken care of.

1. No touching!

No touching

Though the virus does not survive on objects and risk of infection through them is very low; you are coming in contact with a person. Considering this, do not even think of steeping out of your house without wearing a mask (and preferably gloves too), police would get to you before the virus does. While out if under any circumstance you have to touch your face at all (better not to), wash it immediately after getting back. Wash your hands too along with changing your clothes. People above 60 must not go out.

2. Physical Distancing Please

Physical Distancing Please

There are countries where one meter is the minimum distance maintained to not invade anyone’s personal space. Most of the stores have painted boxes for customers to stand at a distance of a meter. Many of us are still neglecting these steps and being very ignorant about everyone’s health. Please note that a meter is the minimum not the maximum distance that is to be maintained to avoid the virus. Not following these rules will only increase the risk.

3. Digital India Banao

Digital India Banao

Try to make all your payments cashless, so that contact is minimal. Currency notes are circulated in many hands before they reach us. We cannot sanitize all the money we have; therefore, digital payments will be a huge asset in this scenario.

4. Wash those veggies the right way

Wash those veggies the right way

Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly in running water and leave to dry. It will remove the bacteria from the surface of veggies sufficiently. Don’t forget to rub them and then wash them one more time under a running tap. Some vegetables like potatoes have a lot of dust on them, so it is advisable that you start with least dirty ones first and then move on to dusty ones.

Wash them outside the house if you can, keep a bucket outside before you leave. Coronavirus has a negligible chance of being contracted through food, there is no need to worry. If at all any germs are left, they will be killed during cooking. If you want to take precaution up a notch, use warm water.

5. Sanitize it all

Sanitize it all

Carry a cloth bag and wash it regularly.
The packaged products can be wiped with antibacterial wipes or a tissue soaked in a disinfectant. This process ensures that any germs which have stayed on the goods during the purchase are killed and can eat stress-free. Using sanitizers will work too. When you are emptying groceries from packets, sanitize your hands first and open the packet straight into a clean container without the food touching your hands.

6. What are your takeaway rules?

What are your takeaway rules?

While corona does not spread from food, the packed food being delivered by a person can still pose a risk. Many online deliver services are providing contact-less service but even while wearing gloves one touches many surfaces which is a cause for alert. According to latest reports, a 19-year-old pizza delivery boy has tested positive for the virus and 72 families he delivered for along with his colleagues have been quarantined.

Two things to learn from this; one - young people are not immune and second- you must avoid takeaways. Try to learn cooking. This will allow you to control portion size, nutrition, and calories. You will be surprised to meet your inner chef and fresh meals cooked with effort give a different satisfaction.

Following these tips will solve the problem to a maximum extent. Do not go out frequently and go alone if you have to.

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