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Kajol opens up about the vitriolic flak that Suhana received

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Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana made her debut in the show business with a magazine cover. However, Suhana has been facing immense backlash for the cover as it has bought up the infamous nepotism debate once again.

Evidently, the celebrity status doesn’t come easy. While SRK and Gauri have not said anything related to the matter, their close friend Kajol opened up about the flak that Suhana received. In a recent interview, she said, "I think all you can do honestly is to sure them up, with your love, your support, and hope and pray that all the parenting that you’ve done before that, takes effect."

"All the stuff you’ve said to them about the ego and about who you are that matters more than what you look like or a collection of features or anything like that. I think that’s the only thing that you can hope and pray, works for them as people. And that’s something that is so scary as a parent," she added.

Praising SRK and Gauri for being supportive parents, Kajol said, "You know, it takes a lot of courage, you know hats off to Gauri and Shah Rukh for that matter to even allow Suhana to go out there. I wouldn’t say ’allow’, I know that is the wrong word...as parents you always want to protect your children and you know for a fact that as a star and a celebrity, things will always be much more tougher for your children because they will be judged by you. Especially if you are a success."

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