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Jacqueline Fernandez opens about #MeToo

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Reacting on #MeToo movement, Jacqueline interacted with the media at an even recently. This campaign has recently gained momentum in Bollywood after coming from the Hollywood industry. The actor said, “It’s very important to remember that the gender dialogue is a conversation that’s a long overdue and let’s not limit it to our film industry. It’s a dialogue which has been long overdue in our society as well. Unfortunately, the sad truth is sexual predators are all around us.”Actress-Jacqueline-Fernandez-me-too-moment

She also said, “They are sometimes in our own household so, we should not deviate from the actual issue which is not entirely about sex but it’s about the power struggle. We really have to stick to the issue and be serious about it if we want solutions and if we want to have a safe workplace for everyone and for society.”
Kanika Kapoor commented on this subject as well. She said, “I am very shocked about it. I feel very sad for anybody whoever has gone through any sort of sexual assault or misbehavior. I am really happy that India is becoming a safer place with every passing minute and I really support this movement.”

She added, “I feel the whole confidence of women in our country is growing which is really nice so, kudos to all the girls and boys who are coming up and sharing their stories. This #MeToo movement is absolutely wonderful for our country and for the world. I hope that we all make this country and the world a better place to live.”

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