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Jackie Shroff: People are washing their dirty linen in public, others enjoying it

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Talking about #MeToo, Jackie Shroff said that it was very difficult for him to comment on some of the stories. He disclosed that he could not comment because some of those stories involved a few of his colleagues.

When asked about such allegations on various actors like Nana Patekar, Sajid Khan, etc., Jackie said, “It’s so unfortunate that all my colleagues are fighting. They are my co-actors. Washing their dirty linen in public and people are watching and enjoying it, trying to be (holy). Look into your own eyes. Look what you have been through. Why are people having this immense interest in watching what others are doing? It’s an unfortunate thing happening at the moment.”

He added, “I don’t want to fan it. If they take (these men) in their films or don’t, it’s their call. If they don’t remove them, there might be an agitation. People will say ‘why not remove them’. So let it rest.”
In a conversation with the Indianexpress, he made a point tha he would never work with the sex offendors. He said, “I have told her to slap him there and then. Women shouldn’t feel intimidated just because the men are in some higher position.”

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