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I take full responsibility for the failure of Thugs of Hindostan: Aamir Khan

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It was a huge surprise when Aamir Khan’s Thugs of Hindostan bombed at the box office despite having an extremely strong cast. Expected to be the movie of the year, the movie was equally disliked by the audience and the critics and failed to make even Rs. 150 crore. At a recent conference, Aamir Khan took full responsibility for the failure of the movie. He said "I take the full responsibility of Thugs not working with the audience. You can be sure that we tried our level best but somewhere we went wrong. There are a few people who liked the film. I would like to thank them. We realise that most of the people did not like the film. I want to apologise to fans that I couldn’t entertain them the way they wanted, though we did try our best."

Shah Rukh commented on the fact that people had been too hard on the film and not everyone had given it a chance. "I also think that Thugs of Hindostan is fantastic. Sometimes we do go wrong, but Aamir has never done a film in which he hasn’t put in his best. I’ve known him for 20 years. And if there’s anyone who can put in even more effort than Aamir which Aamir will also agree it’s Amitji... and at this age! So they’ve come in with good hearts and great talent and tried to make a film which tries to open up a new genre." added Shah Rukh.

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