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I have set some boundaries, based on the sanctity of things: Kritika Kamra

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When she began her career at the age of 18 years, she found herself gaining instant fame through televison shows. She states that she has been having a great journey so far. However, she also shared one thinsg that she learnt from her experience which was to stay ’guarded’ at all times, especially about your personal life.

She was very open about her ex-boyfriend Karan Kundra, who was also her co-star in TV drama Kitani Mohabbat Hai. When she was asked more about her breakup, the actress shied away. She even talked about how she had spent her life working in the industry and guarding information about her personal life. She said, “I chose to be that initially, I was 18 and was brought up in a way that I never had to hide anything from anyone. We were not taught that you shouldn’t do certain things. When I came in the industry, things about my personal life were out and people were discussing it because I never hid it. I was fine talking about it.”
The actress is more mature now and understands what should be shared and what should bekept to herself. In her own words, “literally grown up on television”. She added, “I have learnt from my mistakes... I have learnt what to share and what not to share. Today, I choose to be more private and keep things to myself. People still talk and there are still rumours but the audience has become very smart now and know what the truth is and what is not.”

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I’m lucky I was born to feminist parents. I realised this obviously very late in life because I wasn’t ever told “This is feminism.” Infact, I don’t think my parents really knew it themselves. Feminism doesn’t always need to be explicit. It could simply mean you, as a woman, are equal to any man. And that’s what I was made to believe right from the beginning. I grew up knowing that I could be anything I want. I could play whatever games I liked. I played ghar-ghar and cricket.. learned Kathak and raced on my bike. My mother never stopped me from doing anything that a girl “isnt supposed to do”.. and Papa never decided what I can / cannot wear. I went out with my male friends. I decided to quit college and become an actress. I lived alone in Delhi and then Bombay and experimented with life, relationships and careers. Even today, there is no “pressure” to get married.. my parents want me to succeed in my career and never be dependent on anyone. I live my life on my own terms and the day I decide to share it with someone I know it’s going to be my choice of person and time. Frankly, I know all this is not extra-ordinary. It’s no big deal.. at least not for me because I haven’t seen things any other way in my house. But I’m aware that this is a privilege. And I’m grateful. Today I can proudly say that my upbringing made me a more empowered female and my brother a more empathetic male. I’m blessed to be your #daughter Maa, Papa. @kumkumkamra @ravikamra

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Kritika also shared, “From fashion choices to my relationship, everything was out there for scrutiny. But I think as an actor, I realised that it was a choice that I have made. I am a public figure and I have chosen to be here.”
She says, “I am okay to be on the line, be judged and even be criticized. I am absolutely fine with it. But I have set some boundaries over the years, depending on the sanctity of things.”

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