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Bailey Fry

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I had met the creepiest man in my entire life: Rachel White

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Rachel White was yet another victim to Sajid Khan’s foul play, sexual misconduct, and harassment. She said that she was quiet for so long as she wanted someone else to pull the chords first.

Rachel said, “I woke up fearing if he filed a suit against me,” the morning after which she disclosed the facts relating to the sexual harassment by Bollywood filmmaker Sajid Khan. She added, “I don’t have screenshots as proofs. I was just waiting for someone to speak against Sajid so that I could follow. When I read Saloni’s (Chopra) story, I knew I had to share mine. I did not want her story to fade away. People needed to know that this guy is a serial offender.”

Rachel recounted the horrible incident with a recent interview with Indian Express. According to her, she was a changed person after that. She said, “Everybody had been finalized. All that was left was the third girl. I got a call from my agency, which was Kwan at that time, saying there is this requirement of the third lead in Sajid’s film Humshakals. I knew what the star cast was.”

Rachel remarked, “They told me that no established actor was ready to do the role because the other two girls were established but the other actresses thought they were more senior to them. I don’t exactly know what it was, but apparently, they weren’t finding any other established actor to agree to be the third lead. The makers said they were okay going ahead with a newcomer.”

She only went ahead with the film because of being a newcomer. She was not aware of the events that were going to take place at that moment. She regrets taking that decision till this date.

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