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I didn't want him to do gritty cinema: David Dhawan

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During the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Varun Dhawan opened up about the time when he was leaning towards gritty cinema. "Initially my leaning was always towards the left side. I had loved Black Friday, Sriram’s films... I was leaning over there. I would have probably given my right hand at that time to be launched by Anurag Kashyap. Honestly," Varun said.

To this, his father David Dhawan replied "I saw he had grown a beard for the character, he didn’t used to laugh, he didn’t use to talk for 20 days. So I asked my wife ’when will he cut his beard?’ I didn’t know what he was doing. But thought, ’chalo, achhi hee banegi’. "I saw the film. Sriram showed me twice and I loved the film. I said ’it’s a revenge story, it’s a Hindustani (Indian) film’."
Varun revealed that initially his father removed this news negatively but then eventually came on board with it. When Varun auditioned for Dhobi Ghat, David said "’You are mad or what you’re going to do this Dhobi Ghat? I told his mother that ’if he wants to do films, he should do it properly. He can’t start it (career) with this kind of film."

David was finally relieved when Karan Johar told him that he wanted to star Varun in his next movie Student of the Year. "I said, ’What more can you ask for?’ And he never asked me to make a film for him. When Karan said I’m directing the film, I said (to Varun), ’Now you just put your feet on his shoulders and jump’," David quipped.
Surprisingly, Varun wasn’t worried about his debut and said "bill to Karan Johar pe phatega" ("it will be on Karan’s head)" just in case the audience didn’t like it.

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