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I am doing better than other film actors: Karan Kundrra

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Karan Kundrra has been taking multiple roles throughout the entertainment industry. Be it movies or TV shows, he has a steady following and his audience is definitely happy with his work.

Even though we hardly observe that an actor chooses a show over a film, but Karan did so. He chose Dil Hi Toh Hai over a movie. “I didn’t find the film good enough. It all depends on the content now. You have to understand that there are so many mediums... I am doing way better than a lot of film actors I know of. I am more popular than them, I am making more money than them and I have a far better reach than them,” said the 33-year-old actor. Commenting on whether Dil Hi Toh Hai is a show with a typical storyline, he said “Thank God there’s no ‘rona dhona’” commenting on the fact that television shows are changing with time.
Talking about stereotypes, he quipped “When I got Mubarakan, it was a very funny sort of a character. A lot of people told me, ‘Why would you want to do this? It will stereotype you. You will only get these kind of roles. You should be doing leads’. I said, ‘No, it’s a big film, it’s Anees Bazmee’s film and I should be a part of it.’ Immediately I got 1921 and it was a lead, and a completely different role. So there’s no stereotype anymore. Again, when you come to Dil Hi Toh Hai, a lot of people said why are you doing, but I am building my brand, and there’s no better way to do it than by doing television and films together. The margins are not that bad anymore.”

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