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Hrithik Roshan's ex-wife opens up about #MeToo

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Sussanne Khan, who is an interior designer and also Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife recently opened about the #MeToo movement and said that no woman should make false allegations on an individual without proper legal evidence.

She said that people should use the social media platform justly and in a right manner. She added, “I honestly don’t want to comment on this issue much but I definitely feel that there is lot of pretence, false allegations and sort of crazy behavior. They are using the platform badly and it’s not a good thing. If they use platform correctly then, it’s supposed to be good thing. They shouldn’t make allegation on an individual without any legal evidence.”

After actress Tanushree Dutta accused veteran actor Nana Patekar of harassment, the #MeToo campaigned picked up momentum in India. Her accusations and revelations were being leveled and faced by some powerful personalities in the entertainment sector. It included Sajid Khan, Alok Nath, Vikas Bahl among many others.
Few days ago, After lashing out the details about Vikas Bahl’s behavior on the Queen’s set, Kangana Ranaut freshly targeted Hrithik Roshan and demanded him to be punished for dating younger girls while keeping a trophy wife.


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