Hrithik Roshan writes a heartfelt post for Sussanne and his kids

Everyone was left heartbroken on hearing the news about Hrithik and Sussanne breaking up their 14 years of marriage. The reason behind the split stills remains in the dark for their fans. This even gave rise to several conspiracy theories created by the fans. However, everyone were kept shut by them by remaining good friends till date.

By being friends, the ex-couple has gotten much more closer than being distant and cold. In the last four years, Hrithik and Sussanne have been filmed together more than often on various occasions. Be it parties or screening of holidays with kids. It seems as if despite the divorce, both of them have kept their social bond keeping the family happy and warm with love. Sussanne even helped Hrithik during his ugly fight with the actress Kangana Ranaut.
Hrithik shared a picture of his ex-wife Susanne filming him with the kids on a vacation at a beach. He wrote, “Here is Sussanne, my closest friend ( also my ex wife) capturing a moment with me and our boys. A moment in itself. It tells a story to our kids. That in a world separated by lines and ideas , it is still possible to be united. And that you can want different things as people and yet stay undivided. Here's to a more united, tolerant, brave, open and loving world. It all starts at home.”
Sussanne commented, “This is us. Always and beyond forever...”

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Sussanne's late father, Sanjay once said, “Divorce is a very heartbreaking exercise. I have never asked my daughter [Sussanne] the reason for her parting [with her husband Hrithik Roshan]. I love Hrithik still and I love my daughter. They must have their reasons. Fine. But the good part is, they're still very good friends. And the children don't feel the negative impact of their separation because of the combined efforts of both to keep it working. They holiday together, they take care of the children from time to time, babysitting and stuff.”
He also added, “When people say that Hrithik is no longer my son-in-law, I say I have a relationship with him: he is the father of my grandchildren, and that can never be erased! So umm. I still hope they get back together. Umm That's it!”

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