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Govinda talks about Bollywood conspiracies to curb the release of his films

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Soon to release Rangeela Raja has been given 20 cuts by the CBFC that has led to Govinda comment on a certain group of people in the Bollywood industry who aren’t letting his films release. "This has been happening for the last nine years where a group of people in the film industry is conspiring against me and not letting my films release on any good platform," Govinda told reporters. "Either my films are not getting a release or they are not getting good number of theatres or screens. The recent example was Fryday which released a few weeks ago and media gave it a good review. They took the film away from theatres," he said, without taking any names.

"Our film industry was never like this and it seems we are living in a different world. If someone would have supported me then I would have not faced problems. Today no one is supporting me. I don’t have financiers or producers backing me. When he (Nihalani) is supporting me, he has been told, why are you working with Govinda," the 54-year-old actor added.

He was perplexed by the number of cuts given to his movie. Commenting on the same, he said I had applied for U/A certificate and I got that. ’A’ certificate is given in case the content has elements of horror, vulgarity, obscenity and violence. In our film there is no kiss on the cheeks also. It is an entertaining film," ."Producers have to wait in some cases longer to get the certificate and this not only results in delay in releasing the film but producers also face financial losses. The ministry should do something," he added.

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