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Freida Pinto says she never wanted to surrender to the Indian stereotype in Hollywood

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The 33-year-old Indian actress, Freida Pinto started her Hollywood journey with the Oscar-winning film "Slumdog Millionaire". Recently she opened up about going through a phase of "self-doubt and anxiety".

The actress told in an interview, "I made it very clear after ’Slumdog...’ that I would have to carve my own path and also determine the path for the next generation of Indian actors. It was very important for me to not surrender to the Indian stereotype. But there was a fear of missing out. There was a no formula, which I could follow. There was a phase in my career for two-and-half years where there was a lot anxiety and fear."

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This is why I am so proud to be an Actor! Creating magical moments with these fine humans. #needleinatimestack

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"I am exactly in a place where I wanted to be. This is exactly the space where I wanted to work. I always wanted to be a part of the content where focus is not on glamour and beauty but on real people. After having a huge start and then going through a phase of anxiety, I can truly say I am happy and content now. It was a great learning experience," she added.

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