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Doesn’t matter whether you are the biggest or smallest superstar, women have to be secure: Kareena Kapoor

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On Tuesday, the Bollywood actress, Kareena Kapoor opened up about #MeToo movement. She lauded the courage of the women who came forward to bring light on the culprits. She was impressed by the women who called out the most powerful names in the Indian film industry. She stated that because of these women the environment of the film industry will take a righteous turn.

Kareena said, “We are openly having a discussion today. The fact that there are so many women, who have come out and spoken, that’s a start. The fact is earlier people hadn’t spoken for years.Karenna Kapoor Latest Pic 2018

Today, people have come out and I really appreciate those women, who actually had the courage to stand up and talk and that is going to help all of us change our workplace and give us security.”
The actor further added, “Whoever it is, big or small, it has to be safe. It doesn’t matter whether you are the biggest superstar or the smallest, women have to be secure. And the most important thing is that we have to keep this momentum going. We have to keep the conversation alive and once we do that, a lot will change.”

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