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Deepika Padukone handpicked clothes for AbRam: Shah Rukh Khan

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Deepika Padukone considers Shah Rukh Khan not less than family ever since both of them appeared together in her debut film, Om Shanti Om. So, it was not surprising for anyone to figure out how much Deepika loved to pamper little AbRam.
She loves him so much so that she even gifted him clothes herself when he was born. In a video shared by Deepika’s fanclub, we could see Shah Rukh Khan in an interview sharing and expressing his grattitude towards the people who showed their love to his littl ebaby AbRam.

He said, ’Bohot saare actors aur actresses ne bohot pyaar diya hai. Deepika jo hai, jab AbRam paida hua, toh woh jaake uske liye kapde leke aayi.”
Shah Rukh and Deepika share a special bond from the very beginning. he even got emotional when he got to know that she was going to marry Ranveer Singh. He aid, “When I entered the film industry, I started acting with Sridevi ji, Madhuri (Dixit) ji. They got married. I have flowered as an actor and star because of the love these ladies have given me. The second generation got married and this is the third set who is getting married. I get really emotional when they get married. I called Deepika and I wanted to hug her, I told her be happy. My love to Deepika and Ranveer,” at the trailer launch of his upcoming film, Zero.

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