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Dalljiet Kaur says “Society pulls you down”

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Actress Dalljiet Kaur recently parted ways with her husband Shaleen Bhanot who was accused of domestic violence. Dalljiet told the news agency IANS,“Society pulls you down.”

Speaking about her decision of raising her son Jayden single-handedly, Dalljiet told IANS, "When things were falling apart (between Shaleen and I), there were a lot of women who said ’Single mother? There will be men chasing you, you will have a terrible life and whoever will come, will not be able to take care of Jayden’. They just gave me a picture of a suicide... like ’your life is gone."
But instead of holding her back, these comments motivated her. "Yes, things went wrong. Yes, I probably made the mistake of choosing something or someone... But it is okay. I am okay to say that things went wrong and I am okay to say today I am figuring it out.”

"I am living my life. One thing I know is that I want to be happy. If I am going to be happy truly, Jayden and my parents will be fine. When a lot of things started falling apart, one thing I knew was what makes me happy the most is this career and money, because you cannot survive without it. I knew I can act to a decent level. So, I wanted to come back (to acting) and I wanted to work hard," she added.
The actress also faced problems on her journey back to the small screen. She said that the showrunners would only cast her for the role of a mother. "I faced all of this for a year. I was looking young. They (makers) would approach me for a mother’s role, but they would say ’You are looking young’. Then why are you not casting me for something else? Because I am a mother? So, the conflict of this thought level really used to depress me," she told IANS.

She added, "I was auditioned for so many roles, but they were all fixed at ’You don’t look like a mother and you don’t look young’ in their heads as they knew I go back to a son.”
The actress has featured in shows such as ’Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?’, ’Kulvaddhu’ and ’Swaragini - Jodein Rishton Ke Sur’ and is currently seen in the TV show ’Qayamat Ki Raat’.

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