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Arjun Kapoor wants to give his father a fresh start

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In 2015, Arjun Kapoor and his father Boney Kapoor had paired together for the first time in Tevar. The duo of this actor and producer hoped to mint a lot of money, but sadly disappointed the box office. “I think anyone – including a son like me – would want to see the biggest and brightest success story out of his/her family. In my career, if I have to carve out [my hits], 2 States (2014) will be my most successful film. While Tevar didn’t do well, I honestly feel that even if not as much as 2 States, it should have done good business. Not just dad, Sanjay (Kapoor; uncle) was also involved, so it was a family film that way,” says the actor.

Talking about Tevar, he said “Sometimes, films come with their own destinies. Timing kabhi kabhi galat ho jaati hai. I feel Tevar came at a time when people were exhausted with that genre. If the masala genre gets repeated too many times, it will give you a feeling of eating out every day. After a point, you get bored [of eating out] and enjoy it only once in a while,” “That year, by the time we came with Tevar, eight to ten films had already delivered the same thing [masala film]. In isolation, there’s nothing wrong with the film. It was made for a certain audience but that audience wasn’t in the mood to watch it as they had watched the same kind of thing too many times,” he adds.
Talking about working with his father again, Arjun said “You always learn and grow. There’s no point crying over the past. Now, when we work together, we will be more careful about things. So let’s look ahead. Hopefully, I will give him his career’s biggest hit,”.

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