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Arjun Kapoor opens about sister Janhvi Kapoor

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The way Arjun Kapoor welcomed sister Janhvi Kapoor before the release of her debut film ’Dhadak’ was strikingly remarkable. It surely proves that Arjun knows how to shower love on social media. He is also possessive of his sisters, just like an elder brother.

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In an interaction with the Mumbai Mirror, Arjun opened up about his sisters and praised Janhvi for being a sensible girl. He said, “All these are important attributes for a good actor. None of us start out being perfect, I didn’t, but in Janhvi’s case the foundation is strong, she’ll build on that and get better with every film. I see tremendous potential, Dhadak was just the tip of the iceberg.”

While Arjun was upset by his absence at the trailer launch of ’Dhadhak’, he made up by posting a beautiful message with a family picture on Instagram. He wrote, “Tomorrow you will be part of the audience forever @janhvikapoor cause your trailer comes out... Firstly, sorry I’m not there in Mumbai but I’m by your side, don’t worry. I just wanted you to know this profession is amazing if you work hard, be honest, learn to take the accolades with the brickbats, respect opinions, yet follow ur own path & instinct. It’s not gonna be easy but I know you are ready for all the madness that will ensue. All the best for #dhadak!”

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