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Arjun Kapoor, Janhvi, Anshula, Khushi are my blood and had to come together: Boney Kapoor on life after Sridevi

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Boney Kapoor shares about the difficulty her daughter Janhvi faced during the shooting of her debut film ’Dhadak’ after her mother, Sridevi’s demise. He also talked about how his kids found each other in the face of tragedy. Boney said, “I am blessed to have these four, they love each other a lot and I am glad that they have come together. It was due to happen anytime, it just happened when something unfortunate happened. They are all my blood and they had to come around,” to SpotboyE.

He even credited his kids to maturity during that phase and mentioned Arjun Kapoor especially as he was the eldest. To be precise, he said, “more to Arjun because he is the eldest. He flew into Dubai to be with me. Anshula was in Mumbai with Janhvi and Khushi.”
He even received various comments from many actors about Janhvi’s great performance in her debut film. He said that he trusts her instincts and knows that she can act really well just like her mother used to.

He has also been focusing on new projects which even included the Mr. India sequel which would not be possible now. He said, “Today, I am prepared for anything. I don’t fear anything. I am ready to face. That a streak/trait in me that has kept me strong. I can carry on with life with eventualities that have not been good.”

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