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Angad Bedi's shocking revelations about Neha Dupia's pregnancy

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It was as if a bolt came out of the blue when Angad Bedi and Neha Dupia announced about tying the knot through social media handles. They stated that they had an intimate anand karaj ceremony in Delhi.

There were some speculations that it was because of Neha’s pregnancy that the couple decided to get married so soon. Angad and Neha soon confirmed that they were expecting their baby in August.
On Neha’s podcast, Angad confirmed that Neha was pregnant before they were married. he also stated that he got a lot of ’Jhaad’ from his parents when he broke this news to them. He said, “I said, ’You know what? We’re gonna have a baby.’ There was silence, bahut jhaad padi (they scolded me a lot). I don’t think they were really prepared to hear the news that you were expecting.”

Being in her thrid trimester Neha stated that the reason that she kept her pregnancy as because she did not want to lose out on the projects. In an interview with a leading daily, the actress said, “I didn’t want to tell people that I was pregnant for a large part of these nine months because I didn’t want people’s attitude towards me to change. I was worried people would stop offering work. It was a good thing my bump wasn’t showing till the sixth month because appearances matter here, and one might be assumed to be unfit for a job.”

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