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Angad Bedi opens up about his post-marriage life

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After a commendable performance in Soorma, Angad Bedi talks about his simple, intimate wedding and life after marriage with actress Neha Dhupia. The two have been friends for almost a decade before deciding to take the plunge. In a candid chat with Indian Express, Angad Bedi said, “I am stubborn, so that is something she would like to change about me. I don’t want to change anything about her. I married her for what she is.”


Been a month.. @nehadhupia wifey you got good taste I must say ????

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“We were planning a winter wedding. But we didn’t have dates. The wedding would have been postponed till summer next year. So we decided that let’s not make an event out of it. Weddings are super expensive. It is difficult to make money, but it flows out in weddings. Everybody wants it so elaborate without realizing it. People take loans to impress people. We didn’t want to do that. And my father said don’t disrespect money, if you want to spend, then give it in charity. So we decided that we wanted a simple wedding in a Gurudwara, where families get to know each other and not make a big event. Our principal was to keep it private which we did,” Angad added.


With the mrs at the #pratham #gala in Houston #usa wearing @raghavendra.rathore #charity

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While talking about his post-marriage life, Angad shared, “I feel happy going back home. Earlier, I was never in a hurry to return home. She brings a lot of humor into my life. She has a very good understanding. She comes from a Navy background and has worked really hard in her life. She is a go-getter. She is very disciplined. I like that a lot. She is sports oriented. I like those things about her. I also have the same passion, so we compliment each other. She loves to travel and I am now getting used to it.”

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