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Ananya Panday shoots for Tinder India and asks everyone to start something new again on Valentine’s Day

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Ananya Panday shoots for Tinder India and asks everyone to start something new again on Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day Ananya Panday and Tinder India have collaborated to urge people to move on from their past relationships that didn’t work out and try out new opportunities. By opening oneself to new experiences and opportunities one can move on easily from past relationships.

Tinder and Ananya Panday want you to move on from your ex and open yourself to new relationships this year

In a recent survey conducted by Tinder, it has been found that many relationships have ended since the lockdown due to restrictions imposed due to the COVID outbreak. To motivate youngsters to move on from broken relationships that happened during the quarantine. Tinder has come forward with a campaign that might give some hope to those who are single.

Ananya Panday collaborated with the dating platform where she is asked how she moves on from a breakup, what are her moving on rituals and how important being open to new beginnings is.

Talking about moving on the Khaali Peeli actress says, “Honestly, I always say you should rebound with yourself after a break-up, use the opportunity to fall even more in love with yourself.” She adds, “I always dance it out after a break-up.”






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This Valentine’s Day open yourself to new opportunities and relationships, says Ananya Panday and Tinder

Talking about new relationships the actress said, “You will kiss many many frogs before you find your prince or princess charming.” When it comes to break-ups she is very filmy and gets light-hearted easily. She added, “I’m very filmy about my breaks-ups. I cry, listen to music, eat chocolate, and think about the tanhai, I need my filmy moment.” The 22-year-old actress also said, “Come to think of it, I’m not even all that sad.” Her break-up moods range from Channa Mereya to Arianna Grande’s Thank you, Next- the moving on the anthem.

Taking about immediate post-break-up rituals the actress says, “I am the biggest jasoos on planet Earth. I start with one profile, then go to their maasi’s, find out their mom’s height, their rashi – anything you’d want to know.” In the video the Kleenex then runs out, thus drying up the memories and ex’s Instagram profile is no more exciting.

The video concludes with asking audience to Start Something Epic (Again) and embrace self with love. This helps in moving on from broken bonds and become open to new beginnings.

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