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Alia Bhatt talks about her enviable line-up of 2019

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In her six-year-long career, Alia Bhatt has displayed a tigress-like hunger and ferocity for quality films and remarkable performances.

Talking about the buzz around ’Raazi’, Alia said, “I am very happy. It was sort of a risky/ different/important decision of my life. Also, I went on an extremely emotional journey with Raazi. So, when it’s counted amongst the most loved films of the year, or one of the films that kicked off a change of some kind, and a ‘smaller’ film that did big numbers, I feel thrilled. It was a huge team effort and we all worked extremely hard on it. There is no better feeling than people coming up with that kind of appreciation. Also, as an actor, it makes you believe in your choices. Honestly, I always had a gut feeling that Raazi could be one of those films, which does big numbers, but I didn’t want to say it out aloud. But when it actually happened, it gave me a lot of confidence, and I was content about my decision to do the film."

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