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Alia Bhatt opens up about her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor

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Actor Alia Bhatt made several headlines last year about her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor.

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Happy Birthday Sunshine ????????

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Alia said, “There was too much [focus] on the personal life, and honestly, I have never had my personal life getting spoken about so much. Earlier, these talks were very upar upar se but this year, it suddenly became all about that. Such talks don’t bother me, but I don’t like talking about it is because somehow, it then diverts all the attention, and that’s what it all becomes about. It’s not as if a relationship is an achievement. It is just a part – and a very important part – of my life. It’s seamless as well as beautiful and should be celebrated when it has to be. Right now, it should just be left on its own and kind of kept in a corner where it can stay safe and warm. You can say that it’s like a cat in my life that I want to protect, and it’s not ready to come on social media the way Edward has.”


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the one with all the joy ????????

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