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Actor Manisha Koirala speaks about breaking under the pressure

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Actor Manisha Koirala has penned her memoirs in ’Healed: How cancer gave me a new life’, published by the Penguin Random House India.

Talking about breaking under the burden of stardom, Manisha Koirala said, “The pressure was too much. The burden began seeping into my bones; the complexities of my characters began gnawing at my soul. There was no holiday, no time to watch the clear blue skies and golden beaches. Just constant trips to the film set and the hotel.
I remember how resentful I had felt when I had gone for a shoot in Australia. I wanted to immerse myself in the timelessness of the Great Barrier Reef, the MacKenzie Falls, the Kakadu National Park and the stunning landscapes.”
“I wished to run outdoors to explore the bushwalking trails and soak in the beauty of the Blue Mountains. For I hail from the mountains myself and have been an ardent nature lover all my life.
Instead, I was shepherded out of Mumbai, taken to the film set, asked to memorize my lines and perform and promptly flown out of the country to yet another film set,” she added.

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I looked up and found moon’s full gaze on me ????

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The actress continued to say, “Was I enjoying getting up at unearthly hours? Was I ecstatic about visiting so many countries? Was I appreciative of all these opportunities? No. I felt like an automaton, reduced to being a pretty face. I think that’s when my mind began to get toxic. Emotionally, I began to go into reverse.”

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