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Actor Manisha Koirala shares about her tryst with alcoholism

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Actor Manisha Koirala has penned her memoirs in ’Healed: How cancer gave me a new life’, published by the Penguin Random House India.

Talking about alcohol addiction, Manisha said, “To take my mind offshoots, to numb myself, I started drinking. If I was on a diet, it would be vodka. I remember my ex-boyfriend once telling me that I had no sense of balance. He said, ‘You are a workaholic. You either work hard or party hard. Where is your sense of balance?’”
“Of course I was aware that I had a tendency to go overboard. Many people around me had tried to tell me that.
But the truth is that I wasn’t enjoying it. I didn’t appreciate my work. I simply didn’t like it. Somewhere, in a contorted way, I began wilfully doing the wrong things. To spite myself, I chose the wrong films. I began feeding my ego. I insisted on being the central character, even if it was in a B-grade film. At that point, I did not even care who the director was. Getting a central role mattered more than anything else,” she quipped.

She concluded, “My state of mind was toxic, my approach to life complacent and my attitude ungrateful. So here I was, reliving the past in my head in a hospital in New York, praying desperately that I would live. I snapped out of my reverie abruptly when one of the nurses came up to me and asked me to stand up”.

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