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Abhishek Bachchan comments on pay parity

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Shoojit Sircar recently interviewed Abhishek Bachchan at an event in October. Talking about gender disparity and the #MeToo movement, Abhishek expressed his views. He said, "No. But before I answer that, I would like to give this some context and perspective.

The two women who are close to me, my mother and my wife have worked in the industry on their own terms. They’ve never been forced to do anything they didn’t want to do. There’s a huge debate on gender parity in the film business and in other industries. I’ve worked in nine films with my wife and in eight of those, she’s got paid more than I have. The highest-paid actor in Pikuwas Deepika (Padukone). It’s a business and if you are a saleable actor, you get paid accordingly. You can’t be a new actress and demand to be paid the same as Shah Rukh Khan."Abhishek Bachchan comments on pay parity

Talking about the MeToo movement Abhishek said, "First we have to stop character assassination, we have to listen before we judge.

I don’t know what the end game of this campaign will be; what I am sure of is that it will set people thinking and make them aware, and that’s a welcome start."
The duo will soon be seen in the movie Gulab Jamun where they will share screen space after a whopping 8 years.

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