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Aamir Khan Shared Close Bond with Late Sunil Dutt

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Aamir Khan has recently refused to play the role of the late actor Sunil Dutt. Even though there was a lot of speculation on the reason behind this, it was simply the fact that Aamir was too much in love with Sanjay Dutt’s role to perform anyone else’s. But as Ranbir Kapoor has already bagged the role, it wasn’t possible. Upon asking Aamir Khan about late Sunil Dutt, we got to know that he shared a close bond with him. 
He said “He always sent me telegrams in those days to wish me on Diwali, Eid, birthday… If my film did well, he sent me a congratulations note.”
Upon asking him about his favorite memory of him, Aamir said, “During the riots of 1993, the Hindi film industry took a delegation to the then Chief Minister to stop the riots. Around 40 people went to the CM’s office. After that, we decided that since no immediate action had been taken, we will sit under the statue of Mahatma Gandhi near Mantralaya. All 40 of us came and sat under the statue and we decided until the violence stops, we won’t move from there.”
“For the night, we decided to continue it rotationally. So on the first time, Dutt Saab, Yash Chopra, Johnny Walker, I and one of the film producers, we all sat down together at night under the Gandhi statue. We spent the whole night there… Of course, the next day people came and by the evening the CM took some action.”
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