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Stranger Things Season 3 Review: The Good, The Bad & The Best

The much-awaited season of 3 of Stranger Things is here and like every other show, we had to review it for your own benefit.

Stranger Things released season 3 of the hit series on Netflix yesterday and we couldn’t wait for a minute and we binge watched it as soon as it was released. Stranger Things season was the most ambitious season of all and it is visible from the set design in the third season of the show. If you haven’t watched the third season of Stranger Things yet, don’t read this yet. Season 3 witnesses a time jump, not decade but just a year or so. The cast is growing up and makers had to justify it in the show. The Stranger Things season 3 takes us back to the town of Hawkins in Indiana. All the characters are getting back to their usual lives, finding their footings. Steve is working in the Ice Cream shop at the newly opened mall and Mike and Eleven are finding the ups and downs of being in a relationship. Jim Hopper is a full-time dad now and all the major characters are now adjusting to the mundane lifestyle.

However, this is just in the first 5 minutes of the show and makers were in no mood to show the happy glory days. The third season of the show takes a dig at capitalism in America and also goes back to the tried and tested enemy, USSR. The show is amazing when it sticks to the original idea but like every other thing, it is far from perfect. Let’s see what makes the season 3 of Stranger Things the best season yet and what makes it a little flawed.

The good about Stranger Things season 3
The graphics are as real as possible
When Netflix released the trailer of the show, it was obvious that the production house has invested some heavy money on this season. The Mindflayers and the visual effects around it are surreal. The CGI is spot-on and recreation of 80s America is simply perfect. Right from costume to vehicles to fashion, the makers have gotten everything spot-on.

Season 3 of Stranger Things continue with the story arch
Season 2 of Stranger Things saw a major character, Steve Harrington, go through a character arc. From being a jerk to being a “dad” to the kids on the show, Steve had come a long way in Season 2 and makers of the show stuck with the character arcs of many other characters. Jim, Eleven, Mike, Nancy and Joyce all have their struggles and its the portrayal on-screen is noteworthy.

Mindflayer is back and this time with a real purpose
While the idea of Mindflayer was confusing to some, Season 3 of Stranger Things had a clear and justified reason for the creature from the other dimension to come back to Hawkins. The season didn’t seem forced and the show took its own time to introduce the creature to the audience in the season. It’s not until the 3rd episode that you get a clear view of the Mindflayer.

A subtle dig at Capitalism and its effects
The town has its own first mall, Star-court and we get to see the introduction of Capitalism in the small town of America. There are protests from the local businessmen, whereas, the buyers are more than happy to have a plethora of options to choose from.

Maya Hawke & Joe Kerry are the real MVP
Maya Hawke is the newest cast to join the show as Robin, working alongside Steve in the Ice-cream shop. She alongside Steve and Dustin uncover the Russian secret. Robin is one of the most loved characters in season 3 and it is sometimes hard to believe that she wasn’t there for the past two seasons. Steve is again back to being the saviour of the kids and Robin sometimes, even joke about him being the dad of the kids.

The bad about Stranger Things season 3
The Russian involvement
If it’s 80’s America and Sci-Fi, Russia is a tried and tested formula for a Villian and while the show was doing just fine with Mindflayers, the creators decided to go the Russian route. Maybe, it was needed for the story, but this seems to be getting an old concept now. After all, how many movies and videogames have shown as negative Russians? Maybe infinite?

The budding relationships
While its a way to humanize the characters for us, the makers emphasised a lot on the romance between characters. A lot of time is dedicated to these kids, or teenagers now, bickering and arguing about relationships. Well, I have nothing against high-school teen dramas, it looked like teen romance isn’t a forte of the writers of the show. The scenes were a bit too stretched and it often took away the gravity of the danger these kids were in.

Well, I tried not to give any spoilers. Go, check out the season 3 of Stranger Things and let us know what you felt about it.